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Yeah, Its Messy but its Happy Hour, aka Team Building

I don’t know if theres a better all-around team building event outside of a happy hour. Remember thats considering cost, time and outcome as the determining factors of calling it better than like a real excursion. It sometimes gets messy (not always as down and dirty as the picture with this blog post) but thats the aspect of letting your hair down with your co-workers and having fun.

Even if someone doesn’t drink, thats ok. Its called “Happy Hour” not “Drink Alcohol Hour” (which sounds sort of fun too, to me at least). We’ve had people attend and not drink alcohol. There’s usually a slough of appetizers and random good eatin’ that gets ordered and passed around. Between all the food you can handle, maybe a delicious virgin drink (get creative with it if you don’t just want a coke or iced tea) and all the funny banter and talking shit on clients, what’s not to enjoy even if you’re dead sober?

This particular happy hour we were celebrating 3 project deployments which is a great way to get something on the board, to celebrate team success.  Now, we’re pretty casual so we just winged the happy hour and let everyone chat but you can even go more structured and really talk about the projects and almost lead the conversation in certain ways to really get your ROI on that happy hour. I’m not sure how I feel about that but the idea floats around my head sometimes as a way to really ensure your attendees have that opportunity to vent about those projects because this is when you want them to bitch about that client instead of during business hours at the office.