New 3D Styled Maps and Floor Plans for Interactive Wayfinding

As I was looking into new stylistic approaches to creating floor plan maps, all the 3D modeling stood out as the more innovative and visually interesting approach. The irony here is that I just convinced a client that having walls or features in a standing perspective gets in the way of the viewer clearing seeing walkways and other features behind them. Oh well.

Having a floor plan modeled in a 3D program, not only creates a visual interesting graphic (with shadowing and skewed angles) but also is very efficient in how your create and edit it. You’re not just illustrating it, but you’re creating the floor plan and dimensions and then you have that set to modify with the program doing the hard part of rendering it out at the perspective you want. Thank you Maya.

The first time I leveraged a designer to create our floor plan in Maya (3D) for us, I was thrilled to see him deliver a PSD with separate layers for the floor, walls, shadows, etc. Now, he might have worked some magic, as he’s an experienced badass, but it was ultimately the perfect deliverable for the additional design elements to be set with and then to hand off to development to create the application.

So I guess using Illustrator is going out the window to create floor plans from now on when you can use 3D modeling programs like Maya … if you know 3D or maybe a new media designer or motion graphic designer who knows the right programs.

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